Real Estate

Santral Real Estate Company is one of the companies of Santral International Group

If you want to go through a successive investment experience and take advantage of Turkey’s remarkably developing economy, and whether you aim is to invest or simply acquire investment and consulting advantages, Santral is your partner in meeting your successful investment needs and aspirations.

Santral Investment Company was established as one of the companies of Santral International Group and is operating in Istanbul. At Santral, we believe in the importance of finding unique investment opportunities that will guarantee you high revenues.

We will provide you with all the investment steps from the best choice of opportunities to preliminary and detailed field studies, and market and competitive studies, in addition to risk and economic viability, as well as investment incentives provided by the Turkish government and the European Union, along with providing financing solutions and investment strategy through our legal and financial offices to make your investment safer and help you achieve the best profit.

The most important feature of Santral Investment is the great experience in the field of investment, which is built on the distinguished relations at all levels that brought us all those unique opportunities, and our experience that has exceeded 30 years in this field.

Santral has been able to establish a wide network of relationships with major local and international companies and businessmen and cooperate with them to establish promising and valuable opportunities and focus on vital investments to ensure the utmost profitable revenues for the investor.

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