Investment Consulting

Santral Investment Company is one of the companies of Santral International Group

Santral Group provides a wide range of advisory services to our clients on real estate and industrial investment and opportunities by providing market studies from local and international specialized offices and legal studies from accredited international offices.

Our services include special studies, risk studies, offering different investment scenarios and solutions to diversification of investment portfolios and financing methods, and proposing optimal partnership strategies with local and international companies.

Santral Financial Consulting Company offers a wide range of services for investors, including:

1- Providing information about the markets: Accurate analysis of the financial and economic markets and providing information about the investment opportunities and challenges, to help investors make correct decisions.

2- Providing investment consultations: Providing advice on the various investment opportunities and maintaining diversity in the investments and developing a financial strategy for the success of the investment.

3- Evaluating the investments: Providing a comprehensive evaluation of the potential projects and investments through feasibility studies and risk assessment.

4- Establishing companies: Assisting investors in the procedures of establishing companies and complying with the local laws and regulations.

5- Managing projects: Managing projects and following up on the implementation of the project and providing periodic reports on the progress of the project.

6- Managing accounts and taxes: Providing account management services and tax consultations to ensure compliance with the financial legislation.

7- Analyzing assets: Providing analysis of the assets to help investors make informed decisions.

8- Providing legal guidance: Providing legal consultations on the laws and regulations related to the investments in Turkey.

9- Providing real estate marketing services: Assisting in finding real estate investment opportunities and providing marketing services for the properties.

10- Providing industrial investment services: Assisting in establishing factories and helping in obtaining incentives from the Turkish government and the European Union to support the manufacturers and investors.

11- Planning taxes and financial planning: Assisting investors in determining effective tax strategies and comprehensive financial planning.

12- Providing periodic reports and analyses: Providing periodic reports on the performance of the investments and continuous analyses to improve the performance.

These services come to support the investors in understanding the investment environment in Turkey and making informed investment decisions.

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