TR Media Company is one of the companies of Santral International Group

TR Media is one of Santral International Group companies.

Santral Group established TR Company in Turkey in 2014 which operates in Istanbul. It owns one of the largest Arab media agencies operating in Turkey, and a Turkish and Arab-speaking news website, which is independent and specialized in Turkish affairs and Arab-Turkish relations. It monitors news, events, analytical articles and research, as well as studies on the Turkish issue, and publishes them to the Arab world accurately and objectively.

The company covers all news related to Turkish daily affairs and Arab-Turkish relations, including political, economic, tourism, sports, cultural and entertainment news.

TR Company which is affiliated to Santral International Group provides services to businessmen, promotes business opportunities and Turkish laws and all services related to trade, investment, residence and citizenship laws, as well as all matters of interest to the Arab citizens about Turkey. We also provide information and services to Turkish politicians, journalists and specialists in the matter of Turkey.

We also allocate a special section for information about Turkish universities and all that is of interest to the Arab student in Turkey such as the regulations of the Council of Higher Education and governmental and private scholarships, and we have allocated a section to introduce the most important tourist and historical areas and medical tourism in Turkey.

We have a clear vision to convey the Turkish experience in the field of investment, economy, technical and scientific field to the Arab world to benefit from these experiences. We also seek to build an advanced and pioneering concept in marketing for all the different fields in Turkey and the Arab world with a special focus on using technology and adapting it to achieve this goal.